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our trip to joburg


1 mother + 1 daughter + 2 hour flight + 250km drive + 8 stores = adventure

After launching 3 months ago we thought it was time to visit the Kids Emporium stores who stock our goodies. We have both never stayed in Johannesburg and Pretoria for longer than a night so this was quite an adventure for us. Our trip started off with me forgetting my ID, sprinting in panic to the flight we were late for and our faces dripping with sweat from exertion. I hadn’t traveled in a while and forgot important things like my phone charger, laptop charger and toothbrush… sounds like a good start to me!

Driving in Joburg is quite frightening. All we can say is thank goodness for GPS!

We met with Kids Emporium Boksburg, Irene, Menlyn and Parkview on our first day. Kids Emporium Midrand and Cradlestone on the second day, and ended off with Fourways and Bedford on our final day in Joburg, before returning home to a greener Cape Town (luckily our flight home went seamlessly).

We were very impressed with the stores and received good advice and feedback.

Our brand xoxobaby is now stocked in 25 stores, but our eyes are big and we are eager to expand and grow our business. We are so thankful for being able to supply these stores, as well as many other Kids Emporiums in Port Elizabeth, George, Nelspruit, Bloemfontein, Klerksdorp, Hartbeespoort, Umhlanga, Paarl and Cape Town.

I must say that it has been a truly special and memorable time, but what truly made it great was to do it with my mother. Even though everything is still quite new, it has been a dream come true. I must say, she is the great business partner and best friend.

We are absolutely bursting with new ideas and are always reinventing and improving on our original products to make them the best for you and your baby. Whenever we go shopping we try to support local businesses and entrepreneurs as we know how difficult it is to make it out there. If you don’t already know, your purchases support a charity, Street Sleeper. We are always looking to give back.

We are also extremely happy to be across the border in the Kids Emporium Namibian store in Windhoek!

Our Panda Sleeping Bag has just been featured in the August edition of Living & Loving magazine!

But most importantly, we can’t thank you enough for all the love and support. Thank you for being part of our journey. We try our best to give you excellent quality and most unique designs. We try to keep it fun and interesting for you with many competitions and surprises to keep you on your toes!

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