light tiny tot zebra sleeping bag


Sleeping bags are useful throughout the year. They prevent baby from kicking off duvets at night which causes them to get cold. Baby sleeping bags are the solution to this problem. Ours now come in a Summer version. The only difference is that there is no padding which makes them super cool and comfy. They are high quality 100% combed cotton knit and are available in two modern prints. They also have an invisible side zip for easy-access to change nappies and adjustable studs on sides for a snug fit. They are suitable for both little girls and boys as they have a cute unisex design. It is always handy to have both light and padded sleeping bags in your cupboard, especially if you are living in Cape Town where there are four seasons in one day!

black on white
3 – 6 months
100% combed cotton knit
side invisible zip


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