baby bedding


We would like to introduce you to two NEW themes, our Zebra and Dirty Pink linen ranges!

We have been working around the clock in creating these products over the past few months. So much goes on behind the scenes, from Roslyn sketching each zebra character by hand, digitalizing them on procreate and Illustrator, to getting rotatory rolls manufactured, meters and meters of fabric printed (locally), to our seamstresses cutting, making and creating each item with love and care. We would really LOVE the support for our new products. You can purchase online, and browse our themed pages ‘zebra theme’ and ‘girly theme’.


We will be closed from tomorrow and will be back 10 January 2022. Thank you so much for supporting our brand through such a turbulent year. You may continue to shop over the festive season (please do! hehe) and parcels will be sent off
when we we return. We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Keep safe! Love Roslyn and Alison

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