Welcome To The Gift Registry

Browse a wide range of beautiful products, all designed and manufactured locally in Cape Town, South Africa.

how it works

Select items below from the gift registry. Once you are done selecting products go to the ‘cart icon’ at the top on the page to be directed to checkout. All gifts will be gift wrapped free of charge with our signature blue striped paper and lovely ribbon, accompanied with a hand-written gift card. Don’t forget to type a special message for the mother-to-be on the checkout page. Please note that you have until seven working days prior to the baby shower event to shop as time is needed to organise and wrap all the beautiful gifts before they are dispatched.

You will receive a unique ‘free shipping voucher code’ from the baby shower host for you to use at checkout. Fill in the code under ‘gift card code’. Please make sure to fill in the Host’s Home Address as the baby shower gifts will be dispatched all together to that location.
Happy shopping!