Code of Conduct


Xoxobaby expects all its suppliers and employees to respect this Code of Conduct and to actively do their utmost to achieve our standards.

Our Values: Treating others with respect, open and honest communication, good attitude, fairness, good customer value. Accountability, diligence, and trust.
Xoxobaby and its employees must, at all times, comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Xoxobaby will not condone the activities of employees who achieve results through violation of the law or unethical business dealings. This includes any payments for illegal acts, indirect contributions, rebates, and bribery. Employees must ensure that their actions cannot be interpreted as being, in any way, in contravention of the laws and regulations governing xoxobaby’s operations. Employees uncertain about the application or interpretation of any legal requirements should refer the matter to their supervisor, who, if necessary, should seek appropriate legal advice.


1.1 Building Safety

We are required to make employees’ safety a priority at all times. No hazardous equipment or unsafe buildings are accepted.

1.3 Accidents and First Aid

The employer must work proactively to avoid accidents causing harm to any employee in the workplace. Relevant first aid equipment must be available and where legally required a doctor or nurse should be available during working hours.

1.4 Working Environment Occupational Health and Safety Act

The premises must be regularly maintained and cleaned and must provide a healthy working environment.

We do not accept any forms of forced or bonded labour and we do not accept the use of prison labour or illegal labour in the production of goods or services for xoxobaby. Every employee shall be treated with respect and dignity. Under no circumstances do we accept the use by our suppliers, their subcontractors or other business partners of humiliating or corporal punishment, and no employee shall be subject to physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.

2.2 Employment Equity Act

No employee shall be discriminated against in employment or occupation on the grounds of sex, race, colour, age, pregnancy, sexual orientation, religion, political opinion, nationality, ethnic origin, disease or disability.

2.3 Wages, Benefits, Working Hours and Leave:

According to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), the maximum normal working time allowed is 45 hours weekly. This is nine hours per day (excluding a lunch break) if the employee works a five-day week, and eight hours per day (excluding a lunch break) if the employee works more than 5 days per week. Ordinary working hours must not exceed the legal limit and shall never exceed 48 hour per week. Overtime hours must not exceed the numbers allowed by the law of the country. If such limits do not exist, overtime work should not exceed 12 hours per week. Overtime work must always be voluntary and compensated in accordance with the law. The amount of normal time worked is a matter of contractual agreement between xoxobaby and employee. Workers must get annual leave of at least:

  • 21 consecutive days, or
  • 1 day for every 17 days worked, or
  • 1 hour for every 17 hours worked.

2.5 Wages must be paid regularly, on time, and must reflect the experience, qualifications and performance of the employee. All other types of legally mandated benefits and compensations shall be paid. No unfair deductions allowed, and the employee has the right to a written specification of how the wage has been calculated. Piece-rate work should not be exempted from the right to overtime compensation.
2.7 The employees shall be granted and correctly compensated for any types of paid leave to which they are legally entitled. Examples of such leave include annual leave, maternity/parental leave and sick leave.

3. MONITORING AND ENFORCEMENT Transparency and Co-operation

Xoxobaby expects all its suppliers and employees to respect this Code of Conduct and to actively do their utmost to achieve our standards. We also expect our company to be transparent and not intentionally mislead our auditors. We believe in co-operation and we are willing to work with our suppliers and other business partners to achieve sustainable solutions and to promote suppliers and other business partners who are in compliance.


Xoxobaby expects its employees to conduct themselves in a business-like manner. Drinking, gambling, fighting, swearing, and similar unprofessional activities are strictly prohibited while on the job. Employees must not engage in sexual harassment, or conduct themselves in a way that could be construed as such, for example, by using inappropriate language, keeping or posting inappropriate materials in their work area, or accessing inappropriate materials on their computer. They must obey by the working hours and have a passion for our brand.


We expect that employees will perform their duties conscientiously, honestly, and in accordance with the best interests of the brand. Employees must not use their positions or the knowledge gained as a result of their positions for private or personal advantage. Regardless of the circumstances, if employees sense that a course of action they have pursued, or are presently pursuing, or are contemplating pursuing may involve them in a conflict of interest with their employer, they should immediately communicate all the facts to their supervisor.


All employees share a serious responsibility for the company’s good public relations, especially at the community level. Their readiness to help with religious, charitable, educational, and civic activities brings credit to xoxobaby and is encouraged. Employees must, however, avoid acquiring any business interest or participating in any other activity outside the brand that would, or would appear to: Create an excessive demand upon their time and attention, thus depriving the company of their best efforts on the job. Create a conflict of interest – an obligation, interest, or distraction – that may interfere with the independent exercise of judgment in the xoxobaby’s best interest.


Employees should avoid investing in or acquiring a financial interest for their own accounts in any business organization that has a contractual relationship with xoxobaby, or that provides goods or services, or both, to our brand if such investment or interest could influence or create the impression of influencing their decisions in the performance of their duties on behalf of the organization.


Employees must not accept entertainment, gifts, or personal favours that could, in anyway, influence, or appear to influence, business decisions in favour of any person or organization with whom or with which the xoxobaby has, or is likely to have, business dealings. Similarly, employees must not accept any other preferential treatment under these circumstances because their positions with the company might be inclined to, or be perceived to, place them under obligation to return the preferential treatment.


Xoxobaby imposes strict standards to prevent fraud and dishonesty. If employees become aware of any evidence of fraud and dishonesty, they should immediately advise their supervisor or seek appropriate legal guidance so that xoxobaby can promptly investigate further. Company funds and all other assets of xoxobaby are purposed for the company only and not for personal benefit.

Xoxobaby’s Records and Communications: Accurate and reliable records of many kinds are necessary to meet the company’s legal and financial obligations and to manage the affairs of xoxobaby. Xoxobaby’s books and records must reflect in an accurate and timely manner all business transactions. The employees responsible for accounting and recordkeeping must fully disclose and record all assets, liabilities, or both, and must exercise diligence in enforcing these requirements. Employees must not make or engage in any false record or communication of any kind, whether internal or external, including but not limited to: False expense, attendance, production, financial, or similar reports and statements. False advertising, deceptive marketing practices, or other misleading representations.


Employees must not use xoxobaby identification, stationery, supplies, and equipment for personal or political matters. When communicating publicly on matters that involve our brand, employees must not presume to speak for xoxobaby on any topic, unless they are certain that the views they express are those of xoxobaby, and it is our desire that such views be publicly disseminated. When dealing with anyone outside xoxobaby, including public officials, employees must take care not to compromise the integrity or damage the reputation of either the brand, or any outside individual, business, or government body.


In all matters relevant to customers, suppliers, government authorities, the public and others in xoxobaby, all employees must make every effort to achieve complete, accurate, and timely communications – responding promptly and courteously to all proper requests for information and to all complaints.


When handling financial and personal information about customers or others with whom the company has dealings, observe the following principles:

  • Collect, use, and retain only the personal information necessary for xoxobaby’s business. Whenever possible, obtain any relevant information directly from the person concerned. Use only reputable and reliable sources to supplement this information.
  • Retain information only for as long as necessary or as required by law. Protect the physical security of this information.
  • Limit internal access to personal information to those with a legitimate business reason for seeking that information. Use only personal information for the purposes for which it was originally obtained. Obtain the consent of the person concerned before externally disclosing any personal information, unless legal process or contractual obligation provides otherwise.


Customer value is the value received by the end-customer of a product or service. End-customer can include a single individual (consumer) or an organization with various individuals playing different roles in the buying/consumption processes.

Customer value is conceived variously as utility, quality, benefits, and customer satisfaction.


High quality means that our products must be manufactured in a way that is environmentally and socially sustainable. We have a responsibility towards everyone who contributes to our success. We are therefore committed to working closely with our suppliers to achieve a long-term, sustainable social and environmental standard within our factory that manufacture xoxobaby products.

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