warmer winter initiative with xoxobaby

warmer winter initiative with xoxobaby

street sleeper initiative

Are you starting to feel the chill? Are you getting your hot water bottle out? Is your heater blanket turned on? The wet and cold Winter nights are starting to arrive…

If you don’t already know, xoxobaby is very passionate about giving back! We currently support a non-profit organization called ‘Street Sleeper’. When you buy one of our baby Travel or Tiny Tot Sleeping Bags, R10 goes towards a survival sleeping bag for the homeless. For more information, go to our Street Sleeper page.

the warmer winter initiative with xoxobaby

On another note. We all love giveaways, specials and competitions, but we feel that it is within us to give back. We hope this will gain as much attention as our competitions do to raise funds and awareness for this initiative. This is something that is very close to our heart…it only takes R25. Instead of buying a coffee on the way to work, perhaps buy a blanket to make a homeless person warmer.

‘Blanket for a Blanket’ is a competition based around awareness, raising funds and spreading love. We would hope for people to donate out of good will. But if you are lucky, you could WIN a xoxo ‘receiving blanket’, and a homeless person gets a chance in ‘receiving a blanket’ as well.

the story

Warmer Winter Initiative was started a year ago by one individual. It was about raising money to buy blankets to give to the homeless during the Winter season. Last year 300 blankets were donated. This year we want to get bigger and better!

Volunteers would be given a specific area to focus on, all within Cape Town. This was so that we could cover more ground and give everyone a chance in receiving a blanket. Example of areas are: Woodstock, City Centre, Plumstead, Tokai, Muizenberg, Table View etc. When it comes to the distribution of blankets, it’s never a case of just dropping off a blanket and hurrying away. Most homeless people want to engage and share their story and ask us questions. Speaking to them gives them a sense of humanity. We are all humans on this earth, all wanting the same thing, respect and dignity.

It’s always an honest, interactive experience, and we tend to walk away with the sense that we’ve gained just as much they have. We think it’s important to remember that we’re all just people, and pretty much all the same, even though our lives are different. We feel that sharing the responsibility of distributing blankets goes a long way to building a sense of community and value.


If you would like to buy a blanket:


account name: DONATIONS

branch code: 470010

account number. 1496431497

*Please send a proof of payment to with your name and surname so that we can thank you personally.

*Initiative will be documented during the course of the Winter Season.

Let’s make this Winter a more comfortable experience for all.


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