feed your soul*

feed your soul*

We all know that life is busy. It’s scary how fast it really goes, and how quickly birthdays pass and how fast our children grow. We need to take time out for ourselves to be a better person. Sound strange to you? It really shouldn’t. To take care of you is to take care of your mother, father, children, family and friends. Feed your soul…

Your title is not only ‘mom’ or only ‘dad’. You were something before all of that. You were you. I know it is asking a lot for you to take time out in between the nappy changes and school runs, but do yourself a favour, honestly.

I am not saying that I am personally living up to my concept. It is a struggle to balance it all. I would like you to comment what feeds your soul. It is a bubble bath, reading a book, writing, going for long walks, playing the piano? We all have a thing, that we just don’t get to do as often as we what have liked. I love being creative. I love painting and drawing, which ironically I don’t really have much time to do. Think about it this week. Especially as it is the month for mothers. Don’t feel guilty, try to put yourself first. This is our mini happy heart challenge. I will try make an effort to feed my soul this coming week. I will be posting a blog and show what I have created…watch this space and comment what you will be doing as well!

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